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Flip'n Chicken is the winner of Creative Loafing's Pick for Best Wings in Charlotte in 2012.

Readers Pick for Best Wings in Charlotte 2012

Flip'n Chicken is the winner of's reader's choice for best wings in Charlotte 2013.

Readers Choice for Best Wings in Charlotte 2013

Reviews 92% Like It Based on 183 Votes

From RP: Great wings! Can mix flavored too so there's some opportunity for customization. Got the 10 wing combo (garlic parm & medium) that came with a drink, blue cheese, 2 breadsticks, and carrots/celery. Wings were meaty, juicy, and crispy on the outside. The breadsticks were pretty great and not the dense tree branches you might expect to get elsewhere. Guy behind the counter was very nice too Definitely on the list to return!

From CLT Mom: Amazing! They have the best Chicken Strips, breadstrips, and wings. The blue cheese is homemade! My son would eat here daily with 3 strip kid combo. They also carry Organic Milk for kids and most resturants do not do that...

From Geoge Y: The Little Wing Shop that could. Nestled to the side of the Fresh Market, this place serves up an interesting combination of fresh made bread sticks, chicken wings, and fresh cut fries. The real star of the show for me was the hot chicken tenders. They were moist and almost too easy to eat. Also, the hotter the better, their sauce is great.

From Subo: Had the Buffalo Chicken Tenders and they were fresh, moist and terrific! The bread sticks are totally awesome! Highly recommend this little place for a flavorful meal. 4 Stars Based on 34 Reviews

From Megan T: I have to say I am in love with this place! This has turned into a weekend lunch spot for us! I tried the buffalo chicken tacos, not a fan of the taco shells, so with my visit yesterday, I went back to the buffalo chicken wrap. We both really love this wrap. Kevin usually gets his medium while I get mine hot. Just love the flavor! We also love their fries and their garlic bread - nice warm and garlicy! The wait time has not changed, it still takes a little bit to fix each of your orders, but it is worth it to me since the food is good, and we have also gotten used to it. We will be back soon! Yum!

From Mike B: My daughter LOVES this place, and I like it a lot!We usually get their strip meal - nice strips of chicken, garlic bread sticks and some carrot/celery sticks with dressing/dip. I get the HOT sauce and I sometimes mix it up - you can mix and match sauces to layer on more flavor!This is NOT classic buffalo wings - but if you like fresh chicken, veggies and fresh made garlic breadsticks - this IS the place for you!Annie recommends it highly and so do I!

From Amanda L: HANDS DOWN.... Best Wings around! My husband and I have been regulars since their opening when they were originally titled "Frick'n Chicken".. We love being able to call ahead and the front server Andrew remembers what we want and has great suggestions when we feel like changing it up! The wings never disappoint, the salads are fresh and the BLUE CHEESE is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Who would have thought breadsticks would go with chicken wings? Certainly not me.. But turns out they are the perfect pairing for soaking up the left over sauce... I'm making myself hungry just describing this place.. CANT WAIT TO GET ME SOME FLIP'N CHICKEN!

From Christina J: Best wings in Charlotte. I like a blend of barbecue & buffalo (sort of like Goldrush sauce at Tavern on the Tracks) and they totally delivered. Everything was tasty. For 7.99 you get 5 wings, bread, carrots & celery & either ranch or blue cheese. You can not beat this place! Love it.

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