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Flip'n Chicken, located in Charlotte, NC serves the best wings in Charlotte.  Hand-tossed in home made sauces and savory spices, Flip'n Chicken wings are fresh and tasty.
Locally Owned and Operated.


Flip-a-Lo's is locally owned and operated. We are the Charlotte-area source for great wings, strips, and home-made bread sticks paired with tasty sides, refreshing soft drinks, along with beer and wine in a friendly, quick service space.


Our food is made with fresh ingredients every day. In fact, we don't even have a freezer! Check out our menu to learn all about our crispy chicken that is flipped in any of our house-made sauces and ready to be dipped in our signature dressings.


Come experience exceptional service in our dining room, pet friendly patio, or take-out a consistently tasty meal to your home or office!


Flip-a-Lo's offers exceptional service and great food that anyone will enjoy!


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